Root Chakra ~ Introduction


Sanskrit Name – Muladhara
Element – Earth
Color – Red
Location – Base of Spine

GlandAdrenal Glands

EmotionsSurvival, Security, Seat of the Kundalini

PhysicalBladder Stones, Blood, Elimination System, Feet, Legs, Kidneys, & Teeth


An Unbalanced Root Chakra

~ An unbalanced chakra can be either overactive, or underactive.

~ When a chakra is unbalanced, there are physical, mental, & emotional symptoms that will manifest. An overactive chakra will have different symptoms than an underactive chakra.

~ Physical Symptoms of an unhealthy Root Chakra (overactive & underactive);

We may feel restlessness, or unable to sit still. We may be at an unhealthy weight, or have an eating disorder of some kind. Also we may experience constipation, cramps, or fatigue.

There could also be some lower-back pain, sciatica, varicose veins, diarrhea, impotence, water retention. We may also experience problems with our groin, hips, legs, knees, calves, ankles, or feet.

~ Emotional & Mental Symptoms of an unhealthy Root Chakra (overactive & underactive);

We may feel lonely, insecure, ungrounded, unconfident, we may have difficulty making decisions, depressed, anxious, phobias, obsessions, or addictions.

We may also feel; fearful, nervous, materialistic, greedy, or resistant to change.

We might also experience feelings such as; a feeling of not being at home or secure anywhere, codependent, or we may have a fear of being abandoned.


Constipation, Cold Hands & Feet, Diarrhea, Kidney Stones, Urinary Tract Infection, Financial Worries, Irrational Fears, & Addictions.

Positive Attributes

Courage, Financial Abundance, Grounding, Stability, Security, Manifestations, Wellbeing, Success, & Strong Survival Instincts.

A Balanced & Healthy Root Chakra;

~ The Root Chakra is associated with our connection to earth, survival, health, abundance, family, passion, and moving forward in life.

~ Our Root Chakra brings feelings of security, & helps us to explore and find our life’s purpose and achieve success.

~ The Root Chakra also generates the flow of energy to all other chakras.

~ The Root Chakra holds our fight or flight survival response.

~ Our basic human needs come from the Root Chakra; safety, nourishment, and financial security. It is the root of our being and our primal ”animal” nature.

~ A healthy Root Chakra encourages a healthy mental, & emotional state. Our Root Chakra is how we indentify ourselves, how we relate to life, and how we stand up for ourselves. The Root Chakra is associated with our sense of belonging.

Other Names For This Chakra

Base Chakra, & 1rst Chakra,

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To begin activating our Root Chakra.  Begin here with DAY 1




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