Signs of Healing

Signs Of Healing

The cleansing process isn’t always pleasant, but it is a necessary part in our healing.

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~ Healing always starts from the inside, and works it’s way out.

~ Healing starts either from the head, working it’s way down. Or, healing can start at the feet, and work it’s way up to the head. Depending on the person & healing situation.

~ It is nature’s way to heal ourselves. It is the natural instinct of the body, mind, & spirit to bring about healing.

~ It takes energy to be unhealthy, and it takes energy to be healthy.

~ To begin healing ourselves, we first must put a new foundation, or a new focus on cleansing the body. This cleansing process may not always be comfortable, but it is necessary. Cleansing is the first step in healing ourselves.

~ The cleansing process releases a pile up of stagnant energy, blocked emotions, or anything unwanted that has been held onto.

~ Everyone will not have the same experiences. It is important to know our body, and listen to what our body is saying to us during this chakra healing bootcamp.

For example:

The very first time I went through this bootcamp, I had flu like symptoms for about a day or two. Then they went away. Not everyone felt these symptoms though.

~ During the cleansing process, a lot of toxins may be pulled out of body tissues and put back into the circulation in order to be eliminated.

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During this process, some uncomfortable symptoms may occur, such as:

— General fatigue

— Pains and aches, (headaches, low back pain, joint pain, etc.)

— Skin discharges, unusual sweating and body odours

— Frequent urination, diarrhea or constipation

— Fever, or feeling of coldness

— Mental irritability, restless dreams, or emotions being brought to the surface. Old memories being brought to the surface for releasing.

— Flu like symptoms

*Some people don’t have any symptoms, while other people have mild symptoms. Not everyone has the same experience.*

~ The Cleansing process may last from a few hours to a few days; only in rare cases will it last a few weeks.

We will have fewer or milder symptoms of cleansing if:

1) We are healthy

2) If we have had any energy work done on us.

3) Or if we have done any spiritual practices in the past.

~ So it is important to remember that the more cleansing that the body has to do, will bring about stronger, or longer lasting symptoms.

~ The cleansing process might bring back old worries, memories, or emotions that we thought were once gone. This is to bring everything to the surface for releasing, and healing.

~ The cleansing process can come right after we are feeling our best. Usually after we make a positive change in lifestyle, like a better diet, a fast or detoxification cure, giving up smoking, alcohol or drugs, a new exercise program such as yoga, or a new spiritual discipline such as meditation.

~ There is a feeling of well being at our core, during the cleansing process. While we are cleansing, this feeling of well being is being felt deep down inside, while a sickness is being felt on the outside.

~ One cleansing process is not always enough for a complete healing. We need continuous cleansing throughout our lives, due to stress, illness, or trauma.

~ Every cleansing process is followed by a feeling of increased vitality and a greater feeling of well being.

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What To Do During The Cleansing Process

~ The cleansing process does not have to be drastic, or severe in order to work. It is much better to be gentle with our body by allowing it to go through a gradual process.

~ Remember that it takes energy to detoxify and heal the body. Which means that the whole body is involved in cleansing. It is important to get plenty of rest, in order to preserve our vital energy during the cleansing process.

~ Removing unhealthy toxins will involve the whole body. So drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated will help flush out all of the unwanted toxins.

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Important Points to Remember;

~ Rest.   We need to give our body as much sleep as it needs.

~ Exercise.   Do some gentle exercise to help circulation and elimination of toxins, such as walking, swimming, yoga, stretching, breathing exercises, etc.

~ Water.   Keep ourselves well hydrated to flush out toxins from the body.

~ Avoid anything that interferes with the cleansing process, such as alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, or anything else that our body dislikes. For example, if we are lactose intolerant, or have other food sensitivities, etc.

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*Please Note*

*If anyone wants to use herbs, a detox, or supplements to assist in the healing process. Please speak to a specialist in that area, or your doctor, before adding that to your cleansing.*

*This website does not replace qualified medical care. Please continue to see our doctor, and take any medications that our doctor advises us to take.*

Thank you for reading this chapter. As I’ve stated earlier, that not everyone goes through all of the symptoms, but it is important that we know all of the possible outcomes.

Love & Light

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